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A national staffing association of independent staffing firms aligned to share strategic methods for success within a protected environment.

TempNet is the premier association of dynamic, independent staffing firms in exclusive territories. Members form a nationwide alliance of industry leaders offering education, best practices, business support and camaraderie. (read more)


Qualify For Membership:
YOU are the best source TempNet has for qualified staffing firm membership leads! Look at your network of contacts - ASA, your state associations - anywhere you meet independent staffing firm owners. You know what makes a good TempNet member.


Our Objectives:
TempNet seeks the most professional, progressive, and strongest independent staffing service, in markets not covered by current members. We value confidential sharing of successful business practices and reliable referral resources. Our profile is of a strong, small business owner with 2-10 branch offices. We serve a wide variety of industries. Most of our members staff clerical and light industrial, and many specialties including hospitality, medical, accounting.

(read more)


TempNet Annual Conference
March 1-4, 2017 Phoenix, AZ


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