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The Georgia Staffing Association (GSA) is the trade association for the staffing industry in our state. We serve as the voice of the industry in state efforts to communicate industry matters to staffing company members, legislative leaders, regulators, the news media and the general public. (read more)


GSA member volunteers are needed!


GSA members have been invited by North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC) to lead brief Saturday employment coaching clinics once per month for the next several months.


Please consider spending a few hours one weekend helping earnest job-seekers learn:

  • Preparation & Organization
  • How to Prepare a Good Resume
  • Create a Personal Action Plan
  • Tips for Interviewing
  • How to Keep a Job


No special expertise is needed; you will be sharing your familiarity with what employers look for and how the staffing industry can help, as well as brainstorming and answering questions. An outline of talking points and other hand-out resources will be provided when you sign up and a member of the GSA Board or executive team will be there with you.

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