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Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine (RSSM) is mailed to over 9,000 staffing and recruiting firms and the digital version is emailed to over 24,000 staffing professionals. The best association news and events combined with the best industry experts at the local level.

​For the Associations and Their Membership: The cost of producing the magazine is 100% free to your associations because the cost of production is 100% underwritten by Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine. Each quarter your magazine will be mailed to your membership so your association can promote association news and events along with the latest membership profiles and membership accomplishment.

For the Advertisers: For the cost of one ad your company is featured in 10 separate industry magazines. This innovative approach allows you to target and personalize your message to each individual market. We also limit the number of advertisers in each issue so your message does not get lost in a crowd.

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  • I’d recommend the Front Cover and the 2-page feature editorial to every company looking to grow their business. In the future Recruiting and Staffing Solutions will definitely be a part of our marketing package to help differentiate us from our competitors.”

  • In the first two weeks we had over 30 responses to our Front Cover and 2-page feature editorial. Sales are up 55% over the same period last year. What was most significant was how our clients’ perception of us changed. Before we were perceived as one of many vendors in the recruiting and staffing industry. Now we’re viewed as an expert in the industry.

  • "I received the first issue of RECRUITING AND STAFFING SOLUTIONS" on Thursday afternoon, June 9th, about 1:30 in the afternoon. It was only about an hour later when I received a phone call from Virginia Little, Temps Plus, Milwaukee, WI, who had just read the article, "The Value of Networking with Recruiters." Virginia was very interested in learning more about IPA and NISA and as we talked a bit longer, ​she and I decided she should visit our office here in Menasha, WI.

  • I'm particularly pleased with our ads for NISA and IPA...as well as the Convention page ad.

  • RECRUITING AND STAFFING SOLUTIONS first issue, is wonderful!